Russian Volume & Mega Volume Certification
2 day course $1000

The NALA Accredited two-day Russian Volume and Mega Volume course for aspiring Lash Artists is designed for students to use their lash extension knowledge to understand and learn the fundamentals of the lasted techniques in creating Russian Volume fans and building Mega Volume Bouquet. Students are required to be Classic Lash Certified and confident in isolating to benefit most from this class. The course includes a startup kit, course manual, and certification upon successfully completing the practicum.

Day 1 – Students will attend class to learn about Volume and Mega Volume theory and be sent home with homework. Homework must be submitted to the instructor each day it is assigned.

Day 2 – One week later students will return to class to work on a model.

Class Schedule:

Day 1 9am-3pm Theory

Day 2: 9am – 12pm Practicum (Model to come at 9:15am)

Models are required to be available for 3 hours and have clean lashes without lash extensions.

Students are responsible for arranging their own model. Certification is dependent on successful completion of the practicum.

The topics discussed in our Volume and Mega Lash Extension Course include theory on:

  • Volume Lash Intro/Techniques/Pre-Application/ Step-by-step Technique/Factors that can affect your work,/working with easy fan lashes and premade/promade fans/tools to make creating fans faster and easier
  • Mega Volume Intro/Techniques on creating a bouquet/bouquet placement/Pre-Application/Step-by-step Technique/Factors that can affect your work/working with easy fan lashes, premade fans and promade fans.
  • Wet lashes/How to create the perfect wet lash.

Start Up Kit Contents:

Lash trays (textured easy fan lashes, volume) , Tweezers Lash Adhesive, Tweezers, Lash Foam Cleanser, Lash tile, Empty Promade Lash Tray and replacement card, Eye pads, Foam applicators, Mascara wands, Micropore tape, Eye pads, Microswabs, Hand Sanitizer ($360 Value).

Upcoming Course Dates:


May 20 & 26

June 3 & 9

July 15 & 21

Aug 12 & 18


Sunday – Saturday

9am – 7pm

Closed on statutory holidays