Facial Humidifier Nanomister

Facial Humidifier Nanomister


USB Charging Portable Handheld Cold Spray Water Replenishing Beauty Instrument Facial Humidifier Nano Spray Device

Pamper your face by replenishing skin moisture, balancing skin oils and brightening your complexion.



USB charging, small size, lightweight, easy to carry and use.
Large water tank capacity for convenience and efficiency.

How it works:
All-round water supply can be used for the face, hands, body, hair, etc. to reduce skin sensitivity. It can effectively replenish skin moisture, balance skin oils, and brighten your complexion. Using nano atomization technology, the liquid is atomized into small molecular size nanoparticles, which can directly penetrate into the deep layer for better absorption.

Colour: Pink or White
Size: 145 x 35mm/5.71 x 1.38″
Material: ABS/ Nano atomization chip
Water tank capacity: 50ml
Battery capacity: 2000mAh


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