Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Certification
4 days $1500

The NALA Accredited four day Classic, Volume and Mega Volume Lash Course for aspiring Lash Artists will cover the fundamentals and techniques used to make classic lashes, volume fans and mega volume bouquets.

Classic Course Class Schedule:

Day 1: 9am-2pm Theory

Day 2: 1pm-8pm Practicum (Model #1 to arrive at 1 pm and Model #2 to arrive at 5 pm)

Models are required to be available for 3 hours, have clean lashes without lash extension and must be 16 years or older.

Volume and Mega

Day 3 : 9am-3pm Theory

Day 4: Will be held a week later: 1pm-5 pm Practicum (Model to arrive at 1 pm)

Models required to be available for 3 hours and have clean lashes without lash extensions.

Students are responsible for arranging their own models. Certification is dependent on successful completion of the practicum.

The topics discussed in our Classic, Volume, and Mega Lash Extension Course include theory on:

  • The Eye/Extensions/Workspace Materials/Technique/Pre-Application/Step-by-Step Procedure/Lash Maps/After Lash Application/Client Consent & Screening/How to do a removal/Care/Allergies vs. Irritations/Running your business/ Eye shapes and extension recommendations, Removing individual fans during fills, Health & Safety
  • Volume and Mega Volume Intro/Techniques on creating a fan and bouquet/Fan & bouquet placement/Pre-Application/Step-by-step Technique/Factors that can affect your work/working with easy fan lashes and premade and promade fans
  • Wet lashes/How to create the perfect wet lash/spikes

Start Up Kit Contents – Classic:

Lash Trays, Tweezers, Lash adhesive, Super Bonder, Cream Lash Remover, Primer, Lash Foam Cleanser, Lash Tile, Nano Mister, Micropore tape, Eye Pads, Foam Applicators, Mascara Brushes, Micro Swabs, hand sanitizer ($450 value).

Start Up Kit Contents – Volume:

Lash trays ( textured easy fan lashes, volume) , Tweezers, Lash Adhesive, Tweezers, Lash Foam Cleanser, Lash tile, Empty Promade Lash Tray and replacement card, Eye pads, Foam applicators, Mascara wands, Micropore tape, Eye pads, Microswabs, Hand Sanitizer ($360 Value).

Upcoming Course Dates:


May 18, 19, 20 & 26

June 8, 9, 10 & 16 (Times have been modified for this class. Please email or call the store 778-680-LASH for inquires)

July 13, 14, 15 & 20

September 28, 29, 30 & Oct 6


Sunday – Saturday

9am – 7pm

Closed on statutory holidays